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Puffin Packaging is made from sheep's wool, a natural insulator that is far more effective at keeping produce at the correct temperature than other insulation. So much so that in tests our pouches kept food safely chilled for a full 24 hours* - 60% longer than some alternatives.

* Our tests were based on typical UK temperatures. Further information is available on request. For further details and full terms and conditions click here.


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How it works

Pack your Puffin

Simply pack your customer’s order of chilled or frozen products in the inner pouch with the required number of ice sheets

Chill your Puffin

Add some frozen ice packs or sub-zero packs to keep your produce at a safe temperature in your Puffin pouch or box

Bag your Puffin

Slip the inner pouch into your Puffin Mailing Bag, with the open end facing the top. Then seal with the handy glue strip indicated, ensuring it is secure and there are no air gaps

... Or Box your Puffin

If you prefer to send your items in a sturdy box, you can place your Puffin in one of our handy cardboard boxes for extra peace of mind

Post your Puffin

Mark the pouch or box with the time it was packed, then send it to your customer via 24 hour post, courier or in your own delivery van. Easy peasy.


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“Puffin Packaging has transformed our home delivery service. Now we don’t have to limit deliveries to ambient goods as we can send frozen and chilled products to customers all over the country too. We find the packaging so reliable, and it doesn’t take up loads of storage space either. Would highly recommend!”
Karen Sing-Kee supermarket, Leeds & Bradford
"Innovative packaging design"
Menu Monde
"Thrilled with our new choice of packaging. It's so neat, does the job and looks the bees knees."
The Devon Meatbox Co.
"Great idea- then you can use it as an organic peat-free weed-suppressing mulch in the garden..."
Nicky Kyle Gardening
"Three cheers for whoever made this work. I have spent half a lifetime throwing away piles of horrid plastic beads or things which look like cheese puffs and worrying about landfill. I hope everyone uses your packing!"


What are the pouches made of?

The pouches and liners are made from all natural, 100% sheep wool, housed inside a recyclable, food grade polyethylene.

Is it hygienic to use wool? Will it get caught in the food?

As with most bags; delivery crates, or boxes that are used to carry food, all goods should be suitably packed and not be placed in direct contact with our pouches. As an additional precaution our wool insulation is completely covered by a durable layer of food grade MDPE, which must remain intact right through to final delivery and unpacking.

Can Puffin Packaging be recycled?

Puffin Packaging uses wool which is sustainable for the future, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable as well as reusable; why not line a rabbit hutch? Stuff a pets bed or even a pillow? You could even make a wooly costume! The food grade polyethylene is also recyclable. 

How environmentally sound is Puffin Packaging?

We always try to source our products in a way that means we have a lower carbon footprint, that's why we will never source wool using airfreight.

How many ice sheets do I need? + How long do I need to freeze the ice sheets?

The amount of sheets you need will depend on the type of delivery you are looking to send. Chilled ice sheets must be fully frozen prior to use. They can be frozen in a regular domestic freezer. The time taken depends on the freezer specification, but the sheets will normally freeze in 24 hours. Please ask us for advice if you need the ice sheets to freeze any faster than this.

Frozen ice sheets can only be frozen in freezers that meet certain specifications. Again just ask us for further advice on this.  

How long will the goods stay at the correct temperature? How do the pouches do this?

Our Puffin pouches have been extensively tested and will keep food at the temperatures required by food safety standards. Data on the tests can be provided on request. Customers should carry out their own testing to ensure that this solution meets their requirements Click here to read the full T's & C's.

Wool has great absorption properties which means it can minimise humidity and condensation and then remain at a stable temperature during insulation. 

What are the UK legal temperature requirements for shipping food?

The food standard agency state in their guidelines that cold food must be kept at 8°C or below. The only exceptions would be certain cured & smoked products; their temperature is dependent on the method of curing. For frozen products the requirement is -18°C with a tolerance of 3°C (not warmer than -15°C).

How much do Puffin Packaging pouches cost?

The cost of each pouch depends on the volume ordered. The more your order, less the cost is per pouch. Call us on 0113 323 6031 and we’ll do our best to find the right price for your business.

What sizes are the Puffin pouches available in?

We offer four stock sizes in our pouches:

  • Small pouch - 37 x 38cm (can be combined with a corresponding mailing bag)

  • Medium pouch - 48 x 39cm (can be combined with a corresponding mailing bag)

  • Large pouch - 60 x 60cm

  • Extra Large pouch - 77x 70cm

All pouches have a corresponding mailing box which can be purchased as a combo. 

We also offer liners in two sizes: 

  • Small liner - two liners insulate a 35 litre box (41 x 28 x 30cm)

  • Large liner - two liners insulate a 57 litre box  (48 x 33 x 36cm)

We can also make our pouches and liners in a specific size and shape to suit your needs. Within reason, obviously. It might be difficult to package up a whole cow or something. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss what you need.

Can I include my own company logo?

The simple answer is yes. The not-so-simple-but-still-relatively-straight-forward answer is that due to the set up costs involved for printing, this is only available for customers ordering in large volumes. On occasion we can do it for small orders on as part of a larger print run. Again, do give us a call about this and we’ll do our best to help.

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