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insulated wool packaging for sending food


Any questions? We’re here to help…

Eco-friendly product packaging, biodegradable packaging, wool packaging, natural packaging

Here at Puffin we believe that temperature insulated packaging should be efficient, affordable and most importantly sustainable. Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers to your frequently asked questions.

(About our packaging- not life in general). (Sorry).

What are the pouches and liners made of?

The pouches and liners are made from all natural, 100% sheep's wool, housed inside a recyclable, food grade polyethylene.

Our responsibly sourced wool is 100% biodegradable. This means that once you have used and loved your Puffin Packaging it can be placed on a compost where it will naturally break down and release a whole host of lovely nutrients such as nitrogen which can fertilise your plants.

Even if our wool ends up on a landfill, it will still naturally biodegrade within 6-12 months, unlike polystyrene which hangs around on our planet for another million years or so.

Are any Puffins harmed in the making?

Absolutely not, all of our Puffin employees are very well looked after thank you very much.

Is it hygienic to use wool? Will it get caught in the food?

Wool is totally safe to use. We only use wool that is washed and scoured, heat treated and isn’t processed with any chemical nasties. Our lovely clean wool is then wrapped in recyclable food grade plastic and ready to be used with both food and pharmaceutical products.

As with most bags, delivery crates, or boxes that are used to carry food, all goods should be suitably packed and not be placed in direct contact with secondary packaging. For additional protection, our wool insulation is completely covered by a durable layer of food grade MDPE, which remains intact right through to final delivery and unpacking.

Can Puffin Packaging be recycled or returned?

We have a Puffin Packaging return scheme with The Royal Mail! Minimum 6 liners or pouches please. Collect as many Puffin Packaging WoolPac liners or pouches to fill your package, the more the merrier! Please don't send ice packs back to us - these are best recycled.

I am a vegan friendly company- can I have a stock product made with denim instead of wool?

Absolutely! We are the first eco-friendly packaging company providing vegan alternative packaging solutions! All of our products can be made using a lovely recycled denim insulation instead of wool. Just ask one of our Packaging Specialists for more info.

How environmentally sound is Puffin Packaging?

We always try to source our products in a way that means we have a lower carbon footprint- that's why we will never source wool using airfreight.

We are committed to ensuring our packaging is not only responsibly manufactured, but can also be responsibly disposed of- that’s why we promise to only ever use biodegradable and recyclable materials. Find out more about the environmental promises our company is founded on.

How many ice sheets do I need? + How long do I need to freeze the ice sheets?

Whilst the amount of ice sheets you will require in a Puffin Package will be significantly lower than other alternatives, the number of sheets you need will depend on the type of delivery you are looking to send.

Chilled ice sheets must be fully frozen prior to use and can be frozen in a regular domestic freezer. The time taken depends on the freezer specification, but the sheets will normally freeze in 24 hours. Please ask one of our Packaging Specialists for advice if you need the ice sheets to freeze any faster than this.

Sub-zero packs can only be frozen in freezers that meet certain specifications. Again just ask us for further advice on this - we’re here to help!

How does Puffin Packaging keep products at the right temperature and for how long?

Wool is the greatest natural insulator on earth and has some pretty amazing absorption properties. For thousands of years sheep have thrived against the elements due to their wool coats protecting them from extreme cold and heat. Wool is made up of crimped fibres which form millions of tiny little air pockets that trap air and create a strong thermal barrier.

This means the wool in our packaging can minimise humidity and condensation in transit and then remain at a stable temperature to ensure outstanding insulation of your goods for at least 24 hours.

Can I try before I buy?

Our Puffin pouches and liners have been extensively tested and will keep your products at the temperatures required by food safety standards. Data on the tests can be provided on request. We’re so confident that our packaging is the best of its kind on the market that we provide free samples so you can run your own tests before committing to buy.

In fact- we always advise that customers should carry out their own testing for extra peace of mind that you’ve found the best Puffin solution for your business!

What are the UK legal temperature requirements for shipping food?

The Food Standard Agency state in their guidelines that cold food must be kept at 8°C or below. The only exceptions would be certain cured & smoked products; their temperature is dependent on the method of curing. For frozen products the requirement is -18°C with a tolerance of 3°C (not warmer than -15°C).

How much do Puffin Packaging pouches and liners cost?

The cost of each pouch or liner depends on the volume ordered. The more you order, the less the cost is per pouch / liner. Call us on 0113 323 603 and we’ll help you find the right solution and price for your business. Or fill in our contact form to request a price list and free packaging consultation. 

Can Puffin Packaging be used for Pharmaceuticals?

Yes! We pride ourselves on providing genuinely sustainable packaging without sacrificing performance in cold chain. We have a varied customer base across both the Food and Pharmaceutical sectors, with an excellent track record in both.

We understand the UK MHRA and EU GDP requirements, incorporating the European Commission’s changing guidelines for the distribution of temperature sensitive products and have the expertise to help your company ship goods within the critical 2°C and 8°C requirements for over 24 hours.

What sizes are the Puffin pouches and liners available in?

We offer four stock sizes in our pouches:

  • Small pouch - 37 x 38cm (can be combined with a corresponding mailing bag or box) Corresponding box size: 9 litres

  • Medium pouch - 48 x 39cm (can be combined with a corresponding mailing bag or box) Corresponding box size: 18 litres

  • Large pouch - 60 x 60cm. Corresponding box size: 35 litres

  • Extra Large pouch - 77x 70cm. Corresponding box size: 57 litres

All pouches have a corresponding mailing box which can be purchased as a combo.


We also offer liners in four sizes: 

  • Small liner - 27 x 66cm. Corresponding box size: 16 litres

  • Medium liner - 30 x 97cm. Corresponding box size: 32 litres

  • Large liner - 30 x 114cm. Corresponding box size: 40 litres

  • X Large liner - 32 x 123cm. Corresponding box size: 48 litres


All liners have a corresponding mailing box which needs two liners to insulate effectively, this can be purchased as a cost- effective combo.

Can I have packaging tailored to a specific size?

Of course! We can make our pouches and liners in a specific size and shape to suit your needs. Within reason, obviously. It might be difficult to package up a whole cow or something. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss what you need.

Can I include my own company logo?

The simple answer is yes. The not-so-simple-but-still-relatively-straight-forward answer is that due to the minimum order quantity involved for printing, this is only available for customers ordering in larger volumes.

On occasion, we can do it for small orders or as part of a larger print run. Again, just give us a call about this and we’ll do our best to find the best solution for you.

Finally, is Puffin Packaging cool?

Ice cold, baby.

Eco-friendly product packaging, biodegradable packaging, wool packaging, natural packaging

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Puffin packaging for shipping chilled food
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