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ice packs for sending chilled goods in the post


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Ensuring your chilled and frozen goods arrive in prime condition with
Eco-Chill™, Ultra-Freeze™ or Pure Water


Our Eco-Chill™ and water ice packs are created to the highest standards and are perfect for transporting food, medications, and other chilled perishables at temperatures of 2 - 5°C for up to 48 hours.  Ensuring your products arrive fresh whilst maintaining the required cold chain.

All our ice packs are recyclable and made of high-quality, non-toxic materials. They're reusable too, and great for picnics or lunchboxes!

Our Eco-Chill™ gel ice packs and water ice packs come in a range of sizes and are the best performing chilled packaging solution on the market today.

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The Puffin team recognise how important packaging is for your product, so please feel free to order samples of of our ice packs via our online free sample order form before committing to a full order.

Pair our reusable ice packs with Puffin insulated box liners or pouches for a complete temperature-controlled system.

Our comprehensive range of thermal packaging products includes ice packs, insulated box liners, and pouches alongside our range of shipping materials including boxes, void full materials, and sealing stickers.


Our Ultra-Freeze™ ice packs work in the same way as dry ice, except they are much safer to use and unlike dry ice, Ultra-Freeze™ are non-toxic and not classed as hazardous goods when shipping.


Ultra-Freeze™ ice packs are designed especially for shipping frozen goods - reliably. They can maintain temperatures at -20°C for an extended period of time and for that reason are particularly popular with our pharmaceutical and food customers.

The formula within Ultra-Freeze™ consists of only FSA food-safe and approved and natural ingredients. They are available in a range of sizes and as with most Puffin products are recyclable too!

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Find Out More Today

Want to know more? Feel free to ping us an email or give us a buzz on the telephone for more info. Alternatively, if you’d like to pop round just let us know and we’ll put the kettle on.

ice packs for sending chilled food
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