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sheeps wool packaging


wool insulated packaging liners

Reusable packaging made from all-natural sheep’s wool


Shear wool power!

For thousands of years, sheep have thrived against the elements, their wool coats protecting them from the extreme cold and heat.


That's why Puffin's insulated wool liners are made using 100% pure sheep's wool - the greatest natural insulator on Earth. 

Wool liners are extremely effective at keeping produce at the correct temperature for up to 48 hours and are a popular choice for deliveries of chilled and frozen foods, including meat boxes, fish and seafood, cheese and deli items and ready meals. Our wool liners are also used for transportation of bioscience and pharmaceutical products.

We offer liners for a variety of box sizes - from 6 litres all the way up to 48 litres.  We can supply the liners on their own (if you have your own box supplier) or as box and liner kits.  Both liners and boxes can be branded with your logo, helping you enhance your visibility with every delivery. 

wool fleece liners packaging for boxes
denim insulated packaging boxes


All our liners are compostable and recyclable. They even release valuable nitrates back into the soil. This means you can safely recycle the plastic housing, reuse or compost your wool, sit back and rejoice!

It’s not just sheep off-cuts we’re into either! Our insulated liners are also available in Denim, made from recycled jeans.  Denim also provides excellent thermal properties and is particularly popular with our Vegan customers.

With a low minimum order, you can rely on Puffin to help you send fresh or frozen products whilst maintaining the required cold chain, naturally.

Denim Liners
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Find Out More Today

Want to know more? Feel free to ping us an email or give us a buzz on the telephone for more info. Alternatively, if you’d like to pop round just let us know and we’ll put the kettle on.

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There are so many great ways to reuse our wool liners around the home, garden and yonder.  Here are just a few examples of how our customers are reusing their wool liners:

Pet's bedding - keep your rabbits, dogs, cats nice and cozy!


Padding for plants

Lay to stop weed growth

Soft toys (we've had some incredible examples!)

Birdhouse bedding

Many uses in the greenhouse

Needle felting

Liners for storage boxes - especially when moving house, keeping your precious items nicely protected

Be creative - make your own pet toys!

0% waste, 100% the way to go

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